About a Boy – Nick Hornby

A story of a begrudging friendship. Nick Hornby’s About a Boy is undoubtedly entertaining and full of British humour. This book describes the unlikely and dysfunctional relationship of Marcus, who needs to learn how to act his age (12-years-old)  and Will or ‘Ned’, who also needs to learn how to act his age (36-years-old).

When reading the book it is impossible not to picture Marcus, the instantly recognisable character unversed in pop culture. Marcus’ accidental wit and clumsy attempts to fix his mother’s depression are both lovable and laughable.

Chapter after chapter I found myself rooting for Will and Marcus’ friendship, despite Will’s questionable dating tactics and egotistical persona, I wanted/needed him to warm to Marcus, as I had, and to take him under his wing. Though, arguably, Will also needed a lesson or two from Marcus.

All in all, this charming book ties together the peculiar behaviour of adults, overbearing mothers, unlikely friendship, duck murder, countdown and Joni Mitchell. I loved the bright lines, clever observations and endearing characters.


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