One Day – David Nicholls

One day is an outside-the-box romance. It is an account of the synonymous friendship and romance of Emma and Dexter. Set on one day (15th July), it depicts snapshots of the protagonists’ lives over twenty years. David Nicholls’ creative writing style and adept judgement of what-to and what-not-to include, lends itself well to the piecing together of the missing years.

Classically, this is a story of opposites attracted. It is the definition of will-they-wont-they? It is a brutally honest characterisation of the complexity of relationships and is an education of the vulnerability that love brings.


The book deals with missed opportunities and dysfunctional relationships. I often laughed at Dexter and Emma and found the book had a clever balance between heartbreaking and humorous.It is a tormenting story and the premise of only seeing one day a year is rivetingly irritating.

P.S. The hopeless Ian and his ‘tracky botts’ definitely deserve a mention. I was rooting for you Ian (kind of)!


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