Buenos Aires – Argentina

Buenos Aires, a city with two faces, where wide boulevards meet cobbled alleyways, peaceful parques border frantic downtown and raffish tanguero neighbourhoods coincide with the wealthy and exclusive. Cosmopolitan and rough around the edges it is a mezcla of contradictions.

BA is the Argentinian definition of big-city culture. It is a mosaic of food, tango and nightlife. Find empanadas 24 hours a day, drink and dance in boliches until 6 or 7am and join the porteños in eating endless amounts of meat at an asado.


  • Live instrumental music of La Bomba Del Tiempo on Mondays at Ciudad Cultural Konex
  • Tuesday night milongas at La Catedral
  • Unforgettable and international 360 degree Fuerza Bruta show, originally shown in BA
  • Rollerblading in Los Bosques del Palermo
  • Fútbol at La Bombonera (rent members tickets online)
  • Stroll around Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur to see the widest river in the world
  • Secret cocktails at Victoria Brown’s and Frank’s (you’ll need a password to get in to the latter)
  • The unfolding artwork of Floralis Genérica
  • La Casa Rosada – the palatial mansion
  • Delicious Venezuelan food from Panachef (order their patacones)
  • New Orleans style chicken and homemade lemonade from Nola
  • Slightly expensive but definitely worth it Monzu pizza
  • Unbelievably indulgent cakes and treats from Pani
  • Argentinian steak from Don Julio’s (make a reservation)

Must Try

  • Mate – typical caffeine-rich drink
  • Empanadas – stuffed pastries
  • Alfajores – soft round cookies with dulce de leche in the middle
  • Dulce de Leche – a creamy milk caramel
  • Choripán – barbecue sausage sandwich


Parque – park
Tanguero – enthusiastic about tango (no literal translation)
Mezcla – mixture
Boliche – bar or club
Porteño – people from the port (used for people from BA)
Asado – Argentinian barbecue
Milonga – dance school or hall



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